A collection of short stories in a variety of genres, from Science-Fiction to Epic Fantasy, all set within the same universe--the Xen'in Universe!

Weird Fantasy / 6000 words // A man seeks for his missing sister in a weird, twisted version of Paris.
Science-Fiction / 6500 words // A man, that History will remember as a monster, writes a letter to his newborn daughter.
Surreal Fantasy / 4000 words // Fake interviews with Humpty Dumpty, the Queen of Hearts, and the caterpillar.
Epic Fantasy / 6000 words // Apprentice thieves must help steal the sun... But why would anyone want to steal that?
Surreal Fantasy / 3500 words // Master Mangoose interviews some of the characters from Lewis Carroll's classic story.
Epic Fantasy / 5500 words // Reikk meets a strange boy, then finds himself caught in a spell.
Epic Fantasy / 7500 words // Count Varushka returns, and now he must face a formidable foe from his past...
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