The Writings on the Wall #3

Works in progress, and some major news.

A momentous event

Ever since I started this newsletter, my plan has been to launch a paid option. I soon settled for January 2022 as my target, since that is when I plan to release the first episode of my space opera serial.

However, I’ve decided to open paid subscriptions today, though the launch date for the serial has not changed.

I’ve been hesitating to do this, as I felt readers would want something in exchange. But then I’ve seen others do this successfully and I’m thinking who am I to decide what my readers want? So the option is there, use it or don’t, it is up to you ;)

But know that your support will help me focus more on my writing and thus provide more great content for all my readers.

By the way, if you want to do this, now’s a good time for it as I’m offering a 20% discount to anyone who signs up before the end of the year.

And, yes, there will be exclusive content for paid subscribers starting in January.

But there will always be free content as well, whether you opt for the paid option or not.

As a side note, for those of you wanting to switch to paid, you can do so by simply clicking here, then on 'Upgrade to paid subscription,' and follow the instructions from there.

And if you’re not getting this in your inbox, just click the button below.

Release schedule

I'll be posting two new stories this month.

The first is a dark epic fantasy short featuring a character created by my brother—who passed away from cancer in 2018. Needless to say, this one holds a special place in my heart! The character, Count Varushka, will be featured in further stories (I already have two others written, so you can look forward to those.)

This first one I will post on November 17 (also known as next Wednesday.)

The following week, I will send out a dark fantasy piece I wrote last month. I was thinking of Wuthering Heights and Poe while writing it, though it came out its own thing. Hopefully folks will enjoy it.

I haven’t decided yet what I’ll post in December, but with the holidays coming it will likely be just one story. Perhaps some Christmas-themed Science-Fiction yarn, we shall see. I haven’t written it yet, so no promises!

In January, I hope to post a new Reikk adventure. Then, of course, my serial will start at the end of the month—but I’ll tell you more about that later.

2022 should be an interesting year. After I finish editing my novel, paid subscribers will have exclusive access to the chapters before I publish the whole thing on Amazon.

I’m very proud of this book, so I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Books to read

Here is a selection of books that might be of interest to you. All of these are free to download, though you’ll have to sign up to the authors’ newsletter to grab your copy.

Einstein’s Compass by Grace Blair & Laren Bright

How did Albert Einstein come up with his wondrous theories of light and time?

In Einstein's Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure, a young Albert is given a supernatural compass that allows him to travel through time and space, and find wisdom in other dimensions, including the lost city of Atlantis. But evil forces seek the power of the compass, including a monstrous, shape-shifting dragon from a different age. Can the compass protect Albert from such villainy?

[…

The Gryphon Key by Elizabeth Klein

A kingdom frozen in time. He alone can save them.

Newly arrived at Spells Meadow, England, and still grieving his mother’s disappearance, 17-year-old Cody discovers an old key near an enormous hedge that changes his life forever. Instead of tossing it away, he and his friend Newt unwittingly activate an ancient curse that awakens a griffin which almost destroys them. Cody suspects an elaborate cover-up of something even more sinister occurring at the local high school, a cover-up that involves the enigmatic principal. He soon discovers Spells Meadow is a place with a twisted past and a bizarre future.

[…

On promotion

Author Jaxon Reed has a great promo available. If you like space operas, you can get a bundle of the first ten books in his “Agents of the Planetary Republic” series at a low price.

Agents of the Planetary Republic, by Jaxon Reed

The Planetary Republic and Star League have settled their differences. Treaties are signed, trade is restored. But spies and diplomatic turmoil lead to a high-tech cold war of epic proportions.

Ex Space Marine Gina Wilcox finds herself in a law enforcement career after the war, but life can be just as dangerous on the streets as the battlefield.

Sleeper cells activate, assassinating government officials. Crime syndicates flourish. And a certain high-tech android has been stolen by the League, spirited off world for unknown purposes.

Into this milieu a band of Marine outcasts [… read more …]

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