The Writings on the Wall

My projects and cool stuff from other folks...

Today, I thought I'd share some of my projects with you, and let you know more about what you should expect to see from me in the future.

Fictions, of course—there will be plenty of those—, but there will be a few other things as well.

Like this mail.

To be honest, I'm still running ideas in my head, so not everything is quite set in stone yet.

So let's focus on fiction for now.

But before I get into projects, I should probably mention what I've already posted. If you've missed them, both of these stories can still be read in the Xen'in archives.

The first one is this Science-Fiction piece:

The Xen'in Universe
Fiction: When Darkness Hides the Light
I did not worry when the red signal flashed on the screen, warning that the ship was low on thilium. I knew there’d be enough to get us to Xovu. I did not worry when the onboard AI informed me we had gone off course. I made the required adjustments and we only lost six hours, which still allowed for a comfortable margin of error…
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And then I posted a Weird Fantasy short with a touch of horror in it (nothing too graphic):

The Xen'in Universe
Fiction: The Creature in the Cabin
He could see the ground rushing toward him. Just a few seconds more before he reached it... Under normal circumstances, the impact would have crushed his bones and killed him instantly. But these were not normal circumstances. Adam Caine braced himself for what was to come…
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So, moving on to projects...

I'm currently writing the first in a series of standalone short stories featuring a recurring character—the traveler of a thousand worlds. Sounds fun? I hope so! It'll be Science-Fiction, obviously.

After that, I'll likely do an epic fantasy piece, though I'm not sure yet what—possibly another Reikk adventure.

Oh, speaking of Reikk! For those of you who subscribed after July 27, you should have received a copy of a free novella featuring him. If you subscribed earlier—or for some reason did not get your copy—shoot me an email so I can send you some links. This is for subscribers only, so make sure you write me from the same email address you used to subscribe (or, if you use a different one, mention which address you subscribed with so I can check.)

If you want the novella but are not yet a subscriber... there's a very simple solution ;)

Alright, where was I? Ah yes, projects.

Beyond the short stories, there are also some longer ones in the works.

There's a space opera serial I'm currently outlining that I'll soon start to write. I'll post this one here and on Vella. The first three episodes will be available for free, the rest will require a paid subscription. Because, you know, a writer too has to pay the bills :D

Note that I will continue to publish free stuff, but those who pay a monthly fee will gain access to additional material—the serial, but also novel chapters, and other stuff... still working those details out. I'll let you know as things take shape.

Regarding the novels, one is already written—a mix of Fantasy and Science-Fiction—and is in the editing stage at the moment.

There are two others I am planning to write before the end of the year. One is a historical fantasy set in the days of the Akkadian Empire (and the first in a series of four, all set in different eras,) while the other will be heavily influenced by Homer's Odyssey.

The Odyssey one will be written first—I am currently outlining it.

And I believe that covers all the basics.

BTW, if you're looking for more free content, there are lots of options out there, and I'll also share some of those with you every once in a while.

For instance... check out the books on this page:

There's also this cool short story prequel from Steffen Larken (in the high fantasy genre).

And if you want to read something surreal that is really weird, really cool, and amazingly well written... check out this novelette that I recently ran into and that blew my mind! It's a work in progress, but it's awesome:

Anamnesis by Michael Garamoni.

And that is all for today...

Next up: The traveler of a thousand worlds! A free Science-Fiction short story ;)

Take care.